These are tokens of the blockchain platform The Open Network, a project that inherited TON from Telegram. Previously, the token was called Gram. Currently, the coin is already being sold for both cryptocurrencies and fiat. Crosschain bridges have been implemented to transfer Toncoin into Etherium and BSC networks.

What’s for beginning?

You should start your acquaintance with TON cryptocurrency by registering on Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Follow this link for a quick registration and then continue reading this page. This will make it easier and more convenient for you to understand the text below.

What is Toncoin and Gram

Gram is the cryptocurrency of the Telegram Open Network blockchain platform. The Telegram messenger team led by Pavel Durov worked on it. The development was conducted for more than 2 years and the network was close to the launch of the mainnet. However, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission declared an ICO Telegram unregistered sale of securities and prohibited Telegram from launching the platform. Durov’s team had to abandon further participation in the project.

All the achievements were transferred to the TON community, which continued the work. The blockchain was renamed The Open Network, as the original Whitepaper suggested. The token is now called TON coin. Durov supports the development of The Open Network: in August 2021, he gave them the original repository with the code on Github and the TON domain address.

Updated native wallet interface after renaming token and the network

The main problem of cryptocurrencies of first generations is a very low speed of transaction’s realization, for example, in case of Bitcoin that are just 7 transactions per second for all the network (it means, all users).
Toncoin, in its turn, supports millions of transactions per second. That is its the main and indisputable advantage. TON tokens compete not only with the most popular cryptocurrencies, but also with the two most popular payment systems in the world: Visa and Mastercard.

At this moment, the two most popular world cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are used mainly as a method of high risky investment and not as a method of payment, for two reasons:

  1. Low transactions speed and, as result, high commissions for cryptocurrency transfers in the network.
  2. The inability to pay with cryptocurrency anywhere for real goods.

Toncoin (ex-Gram) solves both of this problems. We have already mentioned the phenomenal speed of this cryptocurrency (and consequently, low transfer commissions). In addition, the TON blockchain should integrate existing blockchains and services and enable the creation of new ones based on The Open Network to create a worldwide network where different blockchains are closely linked to each other and to the centralized world.

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Where and how to buy TONcoins?

Where you can buy TON coins (opposite are the currencies for which you can buy / sell TON coins):

Mercuryo – USD, EUR (cryptocurrency service);

Crypto Bot – test mode (Telegram bot);

OKEx – USDT (crypto exchange);

FTX – USDT (crypto exchange);

EXMO – BTC, USDT (crypto exchange);

Uniswap – ETH, USDT and other ERC20 (decentralized crypto exchange). You will need Ethereum (ETH) to pay commissions in this service. You can also buy it quickly and easily via Crypto Bot;

PancakeSwap – BTCB, USDT and other BEP20 (decentralized crypto exchange). You will need BNB coin to pay commissions in this service. You can buy it on Binance crypto exchange.

Buying via cryptobot is obviously the easiest way, especially for those who are not very friendly with crypto.

What is the exchange rate for Toncoin?

You can monitor the TON coin exchange rate on Coin Gecko or CoinMarketCap.

Also, you can find the current exchange rate of the token on the p2p exchange Crypto Bot in Telegram. These are the prices assigned by users who are willing to sell TONcoins.

For which cryptocurrencies can Toncoin be exchanged?

To answer this question, it’s enough to study the list of currencies for which TON coin can be bought. Based on it, it’s easy to understand what cryptocurrencies TON token can be exchanged for: it is ETH, BTC, USDT and other ERC20 and BEP20.

What can be spent on TON cryptocurrency?

You can gain in TON platform:

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