TCF Testnet is launched

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TCF Testnet is the Telegram Open Network testnet based on code of TON Blockchain. It is no different from the TON testnet and uses the same codebase. Also there will be no DNS smart-contract at the beginning.

TCF Testnet is made by members of TON Community Foundation. TON Community Foundation was founded by an initiative group of developers in February 2020 after SEC prohibition of TON launch for Telegram. At this point, the TON Community Foundation decided to launch TON on its own, as the court cannot forbid the community to do so.

They proceed from the principle that community management should be initiated and developed by the community and not be concentrated in the hands of a particular company.

TCF Testnet and testnet2 are different networks. TCF Testnet Grams can’t be transfered to any network. You can configure different wallets on different networks. Before changing the network, check your backup of the current testnet.

TCF testnet tokens has no value, don’t be tricked to buy them.

Instructions for switching to TCF testnet:

  1. Download the client, open server settings.
  2. Change address to this:
  3. Change Blockchain ID to “tcf”.
  4. Click “Save”, and “Continue.” The client will restart.
  5. Create a wallet and record a sequence of words or take a screenshot – this is your backup.
Your settings will look like this

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