Telegram testnet is launched: the node code and the TON validator code are published.

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The official TON website has been updated. Now the node code of
Telegram Open Network and the validator code became available. It means that third-party developers already have the opportunity to run the node code on their server and deploy the test network (testnet) of the Telegram blockchain. Due to the launch of the testnet, the team has the opportunity to collect bugs and errors that were not identified by the developers at the creation stage, and make corrections.

In addition, the TON testnet explorer became available. This is a tool that allows analyzing transactions and wallets in the blockchain. But for now, this blockchain only works in test mode.

What it means for ordinary users:

  1. The development of TON is underway.
  2. Gram cannot be bought yet. Don’t forget that fraudsters keep their activities, don’t fall into their paws.
  3. It seems that the TON blockchain will be launched by October 31.
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