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SEC provided evidence of the sale of Telegram tokens after the end of the ICO

SEC submitted new documents against Telegram to the court, according to which the company sold tokens after the end… more →

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Durov’s cryptocurrency – the release date of TON Gram and why it was postponed again

The deadline for the launch of TON Gram under a contract with investors was October 31, 2019. At the… more →

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SEC filed suit against TON

SEC is the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. In fact, this is the main global government agency for… more →

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Telegram testnet is launched: the node code and the TON validator code are published.

The official TON website has been updated. Now the node code of Telegram Open Network and the validator code… more →

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Source codes and documentation for the Telegram Open Network blockchain platform

Telegram team sent investors another letter about the development of the blockchain platform. The summary of the letter can… more →

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Testnet launched today.

A limited number of developers from all over the world have gained access to TON’s blockchain testing. The teams… more →

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Readiness status of TON (Telegram Open Network platform)

The Team spent much time on the development of additional unique algorithms for TON blockchain platform. That’s why the… more →